Walmart Cashier Says Voice From God Told Him To Pay For A Woman's Order

It was late on a Friday night and Nicholas Tate, a Walmart cashier from Newcastle, Oklahoma, was looking forward to the end of his shift.

But in the meantime, the line for his cash was growing, and customers were beginning to get upset about the holdup. The cause of the delay was a woman with three young kids at the front of the line.

She apologized to Tate for backing everything up, and the cashier simply asked her, "Is it one of those days?" Neither of them realized at the time how important that question would be.

The customer - who wants to remain anonymous - explained that she was a foster mother, and was looking after a young baby. To buy groceries for the infant, she had to use WIC, a low-income assistance program she had only set up earlier that day.

Of course programs like WIC have all kinds of restrictions, and the woman was totally unfamiliar with them, which made everything take much longer.

"She had a good amount of items and most of them went through," Tate explained, "but she apparently didn't have the right formula and it wouldn't go through," and of course she needed that baby formula most of all.

Tate stayed calm and tried to help the woman through her transaction, but when things didn't work out he took matters into his own hands.

And the cashier says a voice from God inspired him to do it.

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