I’m acting now. I am about to appear in another movie, that’s why I was at the NAACP,” said television personality Melody Trice of “The Melody Trice Show” when I asked why she was now the one being interviewed on the red carpet. “I’m modeling too.”

Trice, aside from her own television show which reaches over 2 million viewers, has been making the media rounds thanks to the expansion of her brand from a television host to an actress and model. She recently started a cleansing program that caused her to loose more weight than when I first met her. At that time she was already looking good with a petite waist. She is even smaller now. The owner of the plan has been using her as a spokesperson and that resulted in an appearance on the “Steve Harvey Show”.

“You got to sleep with yourself and I need to rest,” Melody laughed, when I commented on how sweet her personality was. “I don’t care about what people say. I was voted most likely to succeed. My teacher said, ‘I’m going to see you one day on television’.”

He was so right. Melody started out as an actress/plus size model, and then she became a licensed cosmetologist and opened a beauty supply store. She gave that up for a daytime talk show, where she interviews high-profile celebrities on the red carpet and on her show. In just two short years she has amassed over 2 million viewers who watched as she interviews such high-profile artists as Omar Gooding, Mark Wahlberg, Hill Harper, Debbie Allen and Nick Cannon.

“As a talk show host I’ve learned how important it is to be healthy,” she admitted. “Entertainment is stressful and stress makes me over eat. Since I was 25 I’ve had high blood pressure. I went into prayer. I didn’t want to take pills. God said, ‘Natural foods.’ I was doing my research and I heard of this plan… In 6 days I lost 15 pounds and in 20 days I lost 27 pounds. For me the smaller, the better…I am more happier…more focused. I’ve lost 80 pounds. I drink a gallon of water a day. I stop drinking soda. You have to discipline yourself. (The program) is teaching me how.”

“The Melody Trice Show” is about inspiring her viewers by talking about subjects such as business, health, technology, music, beauty and careers. Just on Comcast alone her viewers are over ½ million. A SAG/AFTRA member Melody’s show also appears on AT&T, Frontier and Spectrum. You can check out “The Melody Trice Show” airing-schedule at

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