Bebe Winans introduces Korean Quartet Group

JACKSON, MS  - Bebe Winans single "Laughter (Just Like A Medicine)" has an official  music video and features the rising Korean Quartet, K.S. The video was  shot in Seoul, Korea while they were recording the song. Bebe had an  interesting story for how the song came to be:

"One day I locked myself out of the house and instead of becoming angry, I  chose Laughter, which made my situation easier to endure. As I waited in the garage for the locksmith, I sat and wrote this song. The talented young men from Seoul Korea, known as Korean Soul were introduced to me by my friend, Donald Lawrence, who is also the Musical Supervisor of my musical, Born for This. He sent me a clip from one of the members' IG  and I was blown away. Initially, my friends from the incredible group,  Boyz II Men and I were planning to do the song together, but our schedules could never coincide and allow us to record. Then one day, I awoke with a thought and called both Donald and Ron Gillyard, a great friend and the Producer of Born For This, to see about collaborating with those guys in Korea. The schedule conflicts with Boyz II Men ended up working out in everyone's favor."     

                                                                                                                                                                                             ~BeBe Winans

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