Chicago officials cracking down on stay-at-home order

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With warmer weather here in Chicago more and more people are being seen outside and are ignoring the social distancing rules despite the stay-at-home order that Governor Pritzker issued last week.

Many people have been seen playing physical sports with others such as basketball and soccer, having picnics at the beach, gathering in large crowds on the lakefront and more.

All of these activities are not allowed under the stay-at-home order in Illinois.

Officials say the educational phase of the stay-at-home order is over! Police who see people not following the order will give a warning and then they will start giving people citations with possible $500 fines and they will also arrest repeat offenders.

Mayor Lightfoot also says closures on the lakefront and parks may happen if people continue to blatantly disobey the order. To see a list of everything you can and cannot do under the stay-at-home order in Illinois, click here.

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