Gospel music iconsThe Clark Sistersare none too happy with oneKanye West. So why would gospel singers even be concerned with a rapper who’s in a different lane?

Well, first some background. It would seem that on Sundays West is not in a different lane that the sisters because he does something kinda different on the Sabbath. He calls it his “Sunday Service.”

It’s something he’s been doing for months now, mostly in the hills near his and Kim Kardashian’s Thousand Oaks, CA area home.

As Sandra Rose writes: “For months Kanye has preached the gospel – over new music tracks – at his now famous “Sunday Service” in the desert. Kanye’s celebrity friends join him and his family at the musical and spiritual services which have now become a weekly tradition.”

This past weekend, Kanye and company moved the “Sunday Service” to the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival in Indio. One of the artists who appeared at the event was fellow rapper Kid Cudi

Interestingly, Kanye’s own Coachella set was cancelled last month after he went left with crazy demands for his stage setup. He was replaced by Ariana Grande who, rumors say, ended up getting paid the same fee as Beyonce go last year, a reported $8 million. Needless to to say, the Beehive is not happy about that. But hey, that’s a whole ‘nother story. We’re here to gossip about Kanye and the Clark Sisters.

So anyway, Kanye had the hilltop in Indio jammin’ to the gospel of his “Sunday Service” and that’s where he crossed the line … as far as The Clark Sisters are concerned.

Bottom line: the Detroit based sisters are calling Kanye out for not not getting permission (paying a performing rights fee) before he performed and broadcast their songs during his Coachella livestream, so

The Clark Sisters reposted Instagram clips from the grandiose rapper’s Sunday Service with the caption, “We own the rights to this music.”

Don’t be surprised if the sisters sic their legal team on Kanye and Kim if they don’t pay up.

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