*The title of Tyler Perry’s latest film, “Acrimony,” has confused some folks.

Merriam-Webster reports that the title has been among its most-looked-up words online in March ever since the trailer for the film began airing. The definition, by the way, is “anger and bitterness: harsh or biting sharpness especially of words, manner, or feelings.”

Taraji P. Henson stars in “Acrimony” as a woman no longer willing to stand by her cheating husband.

Perry said that he, too, had to look up the word after first hearing it to label Donald Trump.

“I was watching CNN and they described our president as ‘acrimonious’ — so I looked it up. I wanted it to describe who Melinda [Henson] was, and when I found the word I knew it had to be the title of my movie.”

Perry said film was originally called “She’s Living My Life,” “but it felt too on the nose.”

So did the filmmaker expect a spike in dictionary use? “Not to the degree that it has been,” he said. “So now it’s educational!”

“Acrimony” is in theaters this Friday, March 30.

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