Teen Asks Teacher to Adopt Him – and She Says Yes

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This 16-year-old is a perfect example of how it’s never too late to find your family.

After being in the foster care system since he was 9 years old, Anthony Berry never wanted to be adopted – that is, until he met Bennie Berry.

When Bennie became the foster youth’s English teacher at Pathways Learning Center in Beaumont, Texas last November, she described him as a “model student”.

The two got along so well, in fact, Anthony asked her last January if she would adopt him.

She said that if he finished a certain school assignment, then she would oblige him.

Then, last week, the student and teacher officially became mother and son.

“I have a son. I’m more than elated,” Berry told ABC News. “I have a son for the rest of my life.”

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