I'm a member of World Overcomers Ministries Church on Northside Dr, Pastored by Le Yonn Armstrong. One of our Pastor's philosophies is that the Church should be (and is in the case of our Church) a university class room. We should be learning what "Thus Saith the Lord" and how the Bible is to be interpreted. I really appreciate him for that. He is truly a teacher.I don't profess to be a long time saint by any means...note I said long time saint.I do profess that the spirit of the Living God dwells inside me and after having been born again the joy, peace and tranquility that I experience now is the greatest feeling I could ever have. I do realize that it is my job to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that is what I try to do each and every day, whether I'm on the air or at a remote broadcast or simply in the grocery store.