'The Umbrella Academy' Fans Found So Many Clues In New Photos For Season 2

On Thursday (May 28), The Umbrella Academy graciously gifted fans of the hit series brand new character promo pics.

The new photos come just a day after the social media accounts posted a short teaser featuring a gold pneumatic tube zooming into view.

This preceding post is important because the caption read, “have you seen the Hargreeves? time travel composites coming tomorrow…” which could allude to the siblings somehow getting lost in Season 2. 

Okay, back to the “time travel composites” that were released on Thursday. Each photo features one of the siblings in front of black spirals, that give us major Twilight Zone vibes, and their faces are masked by a black umbrella.

A few things immediately caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans. Firstly, and most obviously, the order in which the photos were released is peculiar. 

As fans of the show will know, each sibling is given a specific number: Number 1 through Number 7. The socials however, did not post the siblings in numerical order. Instead, the siblings were placed in the following order: Number 6, Number 4, Number 3, Number 1, Number 2, Number 7, and Number 5.

This has many fans scratching their heads wondering what could be the reasoning behind it. One answer for the order could be held in the original promo photo of the siblings as one fan pointed out.

This would make total sense as Season 1 ended with the siblings time traveling so the order would be reversed for Season 2. Another fan pointed out that it could be the specific date they travel back to.

Another curious thing about the photos is that Number 5 has blood on his face and fans NEED. ANSWERS. We also get Number 4 (“Klaus”) with a great wardrobe upgrade and Number 2 (“Diego”) is sporting long hair and isn't wearing his super suit (which he usually always wears).

Speaking of wardrobes, fans think the outfit choices allude to which decade they'll be in and many are guessing the 1960s or 1970s (maybe something to do with their parents!) — this also gives accuracy to the above date theory.

Also it seems like there's ONE HUGE THING missing from Number 3's (“Allison”) features.

Season 1 spoiler below!

At the end of Season 1, Number 3's throat was straight up slit so you'd think it show in the promo pic, but nope! The scar is missing — which does make sense since they traveled back in time.

Check out all the photos to see if you spot any more clues!

Photo: Getty Images

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