Gizelle Bryant Responds to Rumors...

There's some word on the street about Gizelle Bryant's love life, and it is very eyebrow-raising.

Apparently, there are rumors going around that Gizelle has rekindled her romance with her ex-husband, megachurch pastor and activist Jamal Bryant. However, Gizelle promptly shut down that speculation during her appearance on

"We're very close. We have a great relationship. We're great," Gizelle said. "But we're not officially back together or anything like that. But we are great friends."

Gizelle and Jamal's marriage ended after about eight years due to his infidelity, something they have both spoken publicly about on several occasions. She added onWWHL they have both "moved past" that difficult time.

In fact, they have figured out a way to co-parenttheir three daughters(14-year-old Grace and 13-year-old twins Angel and Adore) long-distance while Gizelle lives in Potomac and Jamal is in Atlanta. “He’s really trying to make an effort to see the girls,” Gizelle said duringa recent interview withEssence. “In his mind because he is in Atlanta, he’s trying to do more and go above and beyond to make sure that he’s with them. Our relationship is better than it’s ever been.”

The whole Bryant family even went down to Georgia to support Jamal as he was officially installed as the new pastor for the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in March. "Soooo happy for @jamalhbryant," Gizelle gushed on Instagram. "Best preacher/teacher alive

Gizelle told Essence the five of them just came back from a family vacation together, too. “He and I have a great friendship and we still kind of rely on that as we go through our daily life,” she said. “I mean, come on, we’ve been divorced 11 years. It’s been that long — it has. So now we know each other probably better than anyone else knows us, and that’s a beautiful thing. Regardless of what happens with us, he’s family no matter what.”


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