Tori Explains Why Reading the Bible, Praying is ‘So Essential’ to Her Life

Grammy-award winning singer Tori Kelly recently sat down for an exclusive interview with YouVersion and opened up about her faith, and the role God’s Word plays in her life.

YouVersion is a popular Christian app that exists to help people regularly read, hear, and explore the Word of God. In Kelly’s interview for the app’s social media page posted over the weekend, she shared her testimony and how she keeps her faith strong.

“My faith is everything to me! I did grow up in the church but I think maybe like some other people who grow up in the church you kind of get to a point where your faith really becomes your own and it’s not about what your parents say or what they believe,” Kelly shared. “It’s really like, ‘oh no, this is real to me. I have experienced the presence of God and I know that this is my own faith.’”

When asked what her daily disciplines look like, the 26-year-old revealed that it consists of spending time in the Word of God along with praying. Kelly said the two “coupled together” is what works best for her.

The pop star then shared advice for others who might need encouragement on reading the Bible.

“I mean it is life to me, I don’t really know how else to explain it other than it’s so essential, crucial,” she said of God’s Word.

Kelly said people don’t often notice how big of a deal reading the Bible is until life begins to feel like it’s unraveling.

“‘Oh my gosh why do I feel this way? I feel horrible and I feel like I don’t hear God’s voice, like what’s going on?’ It’s that routine just like anything else,” she shared.

She likened it to working out and after some time of discipline, progress is made.

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