JJ Hairston & Wife on HOW to do it!

Gospel singer and his wife Trina has co–authored a new relationship book titled “A Miracle Marriage,” which aims to serve as a guide for millennial couples on how to make their marriage work, according to The Christian Post

“Truth of the matter is we are committed to each other. When we go out we are not looking to see who looks good or even who may be trying to make a pass at either one of us. Our focus is on each other,” Hairston and Trina said in a statement shared with The Christian Post this week. 

“We don’t put ourselves on the market (so to speak) so that in and of itself is a deterrent to temptations,” they continued. 

Hairston and Trina believe they are “a billboard of what marriage, love, and commitment was designed to look like by our Creator.”  

“We are careful not to put ourselves in predicaments where the integrity of our commitment would be compromised,” the couple told CP. “Marriage is the most selfless act of love. As long as you have two people who are consistently finding ways to make sure the other person is thriving, successful, supported and feeling loved, then both persons’ needs are continuously being met.”

Hairston’s book coincides with the release of his new album with Youthful Praise, titled “Miracle Worker,” set for release on July 26, the project was recorded in Abuja, Nigeria at the Coza Church.

On June 22nd Grammy nominated JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise launched the “Love and Miracle Tour” at Radio One Praise in the Park event in Washington, DC.

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