Prayers For The Icon...

We’re hearing some disturbing news about the health one of our beloved icons,Stevland Morrisa/k/aStevie Wonder.

Stevie is not be doing well due to kidney issues and is on dialysis, so saysPatti Jackson, veteran radio personality at WDAS in Philadelphia. Check out her report via the player above.

One of the things Patti Jackson noted in her report is that Stevie is that “hoping that one of his children will give him a kidney.”

Damn, that’s a hella thought: Stevie Wonder is hoping that one of his children gives him a kidney. Let’s hope it happens. Pronto. But if it doesn’t happen, for any reason, LA activist and friend of Stevie’s, Najee Ali says he’d be the first in line to donate one of his kidneys to Stevie … if it was a match.

najee al - stevie wonder

We have a feeling Ali is not alone, because like Patti Jackson and her buddy say in the video, Stevie Wonder is too vital to the world. He is needed right here. We’ve lost too many other great ones in recent times. If we can save Stevie, there’s no doubt the will is there to do so.

Let’s send up our prayers and best wishes to Stevie Wonder, here and now. God Bless you, Stevie Wonder.

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