Koryn Hawthorne talks about her EP

One of the fresh faces in Gospel music forging new ground isThe Voicefinalist and 2018 Stellar Award winner,Koryn Hawthorne. On the strength of Hawthorne’s haunting voice and a hit song that topped the charts, Koryn is trending with tweens, teens and trendsetters of all ages.

Koryn Hawthorne - 2018Koryn Hawthorne

Koryn’s charisma is palpable, which partially accounts for her overnight success. But her breakthrough track,Won’t He Do It, from the Greenleaf soundtrack is more bounce to the ounce, propelling her to the front of the line among Instagrammers & YouTubers, alike. BlackGospel.com spoke with the leader of the ‘new school’ about her EP, her stint on The Voice and her creative process.

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