Breakthrough, The Power Of Prayer!

*Devon Frankin, the producer of “The Star” and “Miracles from Heaven” brings us another inspiring film: “Breakthrough,” the true story of John Smith, a teenage boy that miraculously removed from a traumatic drowning.

Franklin teamed up with Director Roxann Dawson to bring this story to the silver screen. The faith-based genre is new territory for first time film director Dawson, but Franklin is known for the inspirational stories he chooses to produce.

So, what moved him to make a movie about John Smith’s story?

“I think the impossible nature of it was just so compelling and remains compelling today,” Franklin responded. “Once I really started talking to them, I got the rest of the story. I knew it was a movie I had to make,” he told EUR’s LMarie TV about his meeting with the Smiths.

This film has so many spiritual aspects but the most powerful seems to be the power of prayer. In fact, we’ve seen other films that focus on hope, faith, resilience and emotional strength … but not many center around the power of prayer.

“In addition to praying to God and communicating with God, so much of prayer can be used to show consideration for someone else,” Franklin added. “And I think when people see this movie they’re going to feel the same way … they’re going to feel considered. They’re going to feel, ‘Oh wow I’m not alone.’”

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