Tori Kelly Introduces A Gospel Song!


Capitol  Records released GRAMMY®-nominated singer-songwriter Tori Kelly’s new  track, “Help Us To Love” featuring The Hamiltones. The song was written  and produced by 12-time GRAMMY winner Kirk Franklin.

Tori  Kelly said, “I grew up on gospel music, so the fact that a legend like  Kirk Franklin would take me under his wing was just a dream come true.  He genuinely cares for people and the warm environment he created really  helped me to be able to pour my heart into this song.”

"Working  with Tori has been one of the greatest highlights of my career,” added  Kirk Franklin. “But it’s more than music, it’s the moment we’re facing  in culture where the need for a voice of hope speaks to the healing in  her voice and the compassion in this song. I’m honored to be a part of  this historic moment in time.”


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