What Goes Around.....

One good deed leads to another, or so it seemed when a stranger offered Brennon Jones an offer he couldn't refuse: his own barber shop, no strings attached.

Jones, 29, is known in the Philadelphia area for giving out free haircuts to the homeless. A former barber who was most recently working as a wardrobe stylist, he spent much of his free time this year driving around downtown with a tray table and clippers, his "personal mobile salon."

"Wherever I would see a homeless guy sitting on a corner, holding a sign or something, I would get out and start a conversation," Jones told TODAY Style.

Then he'd offer something most of them wouldn't expect: a free haircut. It started earlier this year, when Jones passed by a homeless person, dropping a couple dollars and a banana in front of him. But later, the sight of the man stuck with him.

"I started to kind of beat myself up," Jones said. "I felt as though I didn't do enough. I missed out on the opportunity to potentially change his life, in a sense ... to help out more."

So he thought of something he could do: haircuts. He dusted off his clippers and drove around looking for people who might be interested, stopping every so often and plugging the clippers in with a power inverter that he hooked up to his car battery. He still remembers the first haircut he did, for a man on the corner of South 15th Street and Walnut Street, in downtown Philadelphia.

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