Livin’ Fat – A Hilarious Family Comedy

Jackson State University  · 

Jackson State University College of Liberal Arts

Department of Art & Theatre presents Livin' Fat, A hilarious family comedy. At Rose Mccoy Auditorium (corner of Prentiss & Lynch) Written by: Judi Ann Mason • Director: Mark G. Henderson

The Cooper family is poor but happy. Father Calvin supports them by holding down two jobs. Mama, a revivalist lady, also works as a cleaning woman. There's also Big Mama the grandmother, a teenage daughter and son David Lee, a recent college graduate who's had to take a job as bank janitor. While he's working, the bank is robbed and the robbers drop a bundle of $50,000. David Lee decides to take the money and uses some of it to give himself a new start and to get married. When the family finds out where the money came from, their values are tested.

February 21-23, 25 at 7pm

February 24 at 3pm

School Performance February 22 at 10am.

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