Movie Thriller Being Readied: ‘Matthew 18′ Heads to Post-Production

     An African American Feature Film Giving Insight into Spirituality and Culture

faizon love

*Director/Producer Roy Belfrey is currently in post production on a new feature film, “Matthew 18.”

The upcoming film release is both thought provoking and engaging in its story line as its theme centers around the subject of African American culture, what goes on in the grassroots of the church community and even within the households and fabric of the culture.

Matthew 18, the film, explores the spiritual world as it impacts the natural world in the format of a dramatic thriller.

The film addresses signs and omens that are prevalent amongst the cultural tales of the African American community. These signs and omens often influence cast members of the film to go down roads that they would never have traveled.

The story weaves around the journey of a main character with a strong will and self determination who challenges the spiritual belief system of her family as she pursues a medical degree.

“It is our goal to release a film that will touch on the power of storytelling, folktales and the cultural essence of superstition within the African American culture when interpreting events in our lives and equating the simplest things to signs and wonders. Sometimes what you interpret can be more menacing than what you see or hear.” says Roy Belfrey, Director/Producer of Matthew 18.

With this project, the director is bringing to life a unique psychological thriller that addresses the subject of good and evil as relates to addressing omens that are prevalent amongst the cultural tales of the African American community and how they impact the future.

luenell“Matthew 18″ features a solid acting cast including Faizon Love, Luenell and introducing Jennifer Jayleen Martinez. Matthew 18 is produced by Bats N the Belfrey Productions.