Some viral videos are hard to watch because the possibility of danger seems so great. Luckily for a foolhardy 8-year-old in Rio de Janeiro, the midday tricycle joyride he took on a busy highway did not end in tragedy. In a video posted to YouTube by the Brazilian newspaper Globo, the boy is seen, for three minutes, coasting down a two-lane highway segment, returning to the top, and then taking another run at it.

What's more galling about the situation is that when he was reached for comment, his takeaway from the whole experience was that the stunt was "cool." Brazilian Social Services disagrees, and it is currently in the process of reaching the boy's parents to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. Though the comments seem to focus on the disbelief that anything like this could happen, one person also blamed the drivers on the highway, wondering why none of them stopped to get the kid out of there. That's a salient point, but who knows, maybe they were late for work or something.

Or maybe, just maybe, Brazil should start licensing tricycle riders.

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